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The Medzibodrožie is characteristic by various habitat types and lowland communities

You can find the flooded forests, sand dunes, swamps, pasture land and the flooded meadows there too.

The Senné wetland between villages Iňačovce, Blatná Polianka, and Senní is on the other hand a land of ponds and flooded meadows. A paradise for birds and fishes.

Both sites are a regular breeding place of rare Great Bittern.

They have rich history and traditions. Picture of manor-house in Senné village.

Important for both sites are the nature conservation too. On the picture are bird islands of National Nature Reservation Sennianske rybníky.

The islands are breeding habitats for e.g. Bkack-crowned Night-heron and Little Egret (on the picture).

The areas were drained in the past. Rivers were embanked and they are deep incised in the terrain now. The old meanders, full of life, dry up and are degraded by growing of grasses and shrubs. The Čierna voda channel which drain the Senné site is on the picture.

Such umbrage in its old stream-bed are very rare today.

Fortunately there are people, who sense the beauty of world of water…

… and try to show it the others too.

The first meeting of enthusiasts toke place in Zemplínske museum, Michalovce in 2003. They tried to form a plan to better the conditions for biodiversity of Senné wetland. The plan met with understanding of State Nature Conservancy of Slovak republic, which added the Medzibodrožie site. The plan was supported by villages Iňačovce, Senné, Blatná Polianka, Hažín and other institutions like Zemplínske museum and Hunting Association Ostrovik. A project supported by European Commission was prepared.

The keystone is willingness of farmers to cooperate and provide such management, which meets the ecological demands of individual species. Seven of eight agricultural subjects in the project area support the project.

It is possible to see such traditional agriculture only rarely in few localities of Medzibodrožie.

The meadows are managed…

… the dike in NNR Senianske rybníky was repaired.

Our common goal is wetland protection in Slovakia.

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