Program LIFE
Prνroda a biodiverzita - NATURA 2000

ciele projektu

Project Goals

By the end of the Project following steps will be implemented:

A. Restoration of favourable conservation status for habitats.
• Favourable water level restoration by building water gates and sluices on channels
• wet meadows maintaining and favourable water regime controlling
• Old meanders and loops at the Cibava stream revitalization
• Implementation of agro-environmental scheme for meadows management
• aqua-environmental scheme on fish ponds testing and implementation
• Restoration of damaged dyke, reparation of water inlet and outlet in NNR Senne
• Tractor with equipment purchased for mowing of purchased meadows
• Organization of 8 conservation camps on a volunteer basis to maintain habitats

B. Restoration of favourable conservation status for birds
• Management plans prepared for both sites
• Two paid positions for rangers
• 50 ha of wet meadows purchased and maintained for birds nesting and feeding
• Regular monitoring of bird populations provided
• Regular monitoring of habitats provided
• After-life program prepared

C. Promotion of agro-tourism in SPA Senne
• Creation of recreational path with educational boards, birdwatching towers, resting places around fish ponds
• Update the website and printed material to promote the natural values
• Present video film about project site
• Present the result of Project on conferences and in media
• Realization of 20 presentations for schools

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