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Príroda a biodiverzita - NATURA 2000

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Final Report - LIFE Project Conservation of Senne and Medzibodrozie SPAs in Slovakia LIFE06NAT/SK/000114

Report from monitoring of Birds in LIFE Project Conservation of Senne and Medzibodrozie SPAs in Slovakia LIFE06NAT/SK/000114

Laymans's report

Project film - Bird Paradise - Senné and Medzibodrožie SPAs




Articles in media

Press release on project

SOS wants save the Birds paradise

Birds paradise is in restorating

Reconstruction will helps to Bird pradise

Press release "Singing in the garden"

Water serviceVodné hospodárstvo Natural trail Through the Birds paradise will open near Iňačovce and Senné

Korzár - New tourist and aducational path

Article in Magazine Birds

Article: Dauerkonzert

Article: Magic Well

Article in Magazine Our Hunting

Article in Magazine ORNIS - Schweiz

Abstract on Article First breeding of Common Crane in Slovakia

Journal: Tichodroma

Press release: "Wetlands for life "

Restoration of wetlands in East Slovakia - Ďalekohľad 17_2010

Observation towers - Iňačovce - Senne, Newsletter UNDP/GEF Laborec Uh, october 2010

Abstract Proceedings of the Seminar: Protection and land use, Department of Ecosozology and Physiotactics

Published articles, interviews, reportages at internet

Changenet: Birds paradise alive

Changenet: Cranes nest at East Slovakia, 11.6.2009

UNDP: Worshop for ŠOP SR employees

Changenet: Volunteers help to Birds paradise from whole World, 30.7.2009

Korzár: Bešiansky polder will be adapted for tourists, 1.12.2009 Press release: Farmers and foresters atention!

Changenet: Farmers and foresters can request for support from PRV, 22.2.2010

TASR: Natural path and observation towers will grow near Senianske rybníky fishpounds, 16.5.2010 Press release: Students help in development of tourist trade

News: "Mesačník slovenského syndikátu novinárov"

STV: Green revue - reportage Press release: Most endangered kind of goose in Europe was observed in SPA Senianske rybníky

Korzár: Rare species of Goose observation at Senianske rybníky fishpounds , 8.11.2010

SITA: Ornithologists observed rare Goose at Senianske rybníky fishpounds, 8.11.2010

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