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Príroda a biodiverzita - NATURA 2000

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The Vychodoslovenska nizina lowland is a country weaved by numerous streams, rivers, oxbow lakes, marshes, floodplain forests, swamps and lowland meadows. Despite of centuries-pasting human efforts to utilise the land for agricultural purposes, one can still find beautiful places with their natural character. They are home of numerous plant and animal species.

To conserve and protect some of the unique places, a project LIFE "Conservation of Senné and Medzibodrozie SPAs in Slovakia" was developed by State Nature Conservancy of Slovak Republic (SNC) together with Slovak Ornithological Society / BirdLife Slovakia (SOS/BL), and other partner villages Senné, Iňačovce, Hažín, Blatná Polianka, and Hunting Association Ostrovik.

Maing goal of the Project is to restore favourable conservation status for birds and habitats for future generations.

Project Summary

Both Special Protection Areas, Senné and Medzibodrožie, belong to the most important breeding and migrating sites for rare, endangered and vulnerable water birds in Slovakia. They are the only regular breeding site of spoonbill, globally threatened Ferruginous Duck, the largest breeding site for White Egret and Purple Heron. In spring and autumn migration both sites host great numbers of Cranes, Black-tailed Godwitt and many others.
The values of the sites were reason why the European Commission in June 2006 has decided to support the Project by funding. The SNC started the Project on 15th November 2005 together with SOS/BL and partners and will last till 15th November 2010.

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